Episode Notes

A small squeal of excitement echoed through the Freelance Jungle recently. It was when Bek realised she finally had an accountant ready to step up and give hungry freelance minds a taste of financial advice. 

Now, we'll be able to ask some questions, get some resources and unravel a few financial mysteries in this here Freelance Jungle in a special virtual event! 

We'll be looking at common questions such as:  
1) EOFY, BAS and the ATO (and other scary sounding acronyms)  
2) The benefits of having an accountant or bookkeeper by your side  
3) Ways to save and get yourself organised for thing such as credit lines and home loans 
4) Avenues you can investigate to make your finances and financial advisors work better for you 
5) Common mistakes made by freelancers in our BAS and how to avoid them 
6) How to survive the knee knocking moments like a bigger than expected tax debt, audit and more 
7) How to work out things like profit & loss and start reinvesting in your business the smart way



Drawing on over 15 years experience in the finance and accounting industry, Cristina works with businesses to develop processes and systems to increase efficiency and give decision makers access to key financial indicators. 
Since 2010, she's been partnering with businesses, providing them with bookkeeping and financial management assistance, short term projects to implement new programs, and consulting arrangements.

Her philosophy is to focus on each client’s specific needs to deliver a consistent, high quality service, develop long-term partnerships and help clients grow. You can catch Cristina and crew via http://vixenbusiness.com.au/