Episode Notes

Sarah Jefford is a family and surrogacy lawyer who helps people through their surrogacy arrangement. But Sarah is also a surrogate and an egg donor and this year she gave birth to a little girl so that another loving couple (Mike and Nate) could experience the joys of parenthood.

For many of us, our understanding of surrogacy might come from little snippets of what happens in movie, TV or overseas. However, surrogacy in Australia is very different to other countries. It is truly an altruistic act.

And so through both her work and personal experience, Sarah is on mission to help the community to see surrogacy and egg donation as a beautiful opportunity to help others grow their families. Sarah hopes to show that the true reward is in the giving, not the receiving.

Today, Sarah shares her experience of surrogacy before, during her pregnancy, birth and beyond. She also clears up the misconceptions that people have about surrogacy in Australia. And lastly, you’ll hear about the legal role Sarah plays in a couple’s surrogacy journey.

Let’s meet Sarah.