Episode Notes

On today’s show we celebrate a milestone with one of Australia’s most successful aviation business Jabiru. 2018 marks 30-years since Jabiru was conceived and we are joined by the founder Rodney Stiff.

With a background in farm machinery Rodney took his passion for engineering into aviation. The original design for the planes was built around an Italian engine however shortly after getting the prototypes under way and the production happening the company that manufactured the engines shut up shop.

Rodney and his team now had to innovate more than ever before. Not only were they manufacturing planes, they now decided that they were also going to be in the aircraft engine business.

Like all companies Jabiru came from the humble beginnings from the family garage to ultimately take on the world of aviation with their range of aircraft and aircraft engines.

Listen in as Rodney shares some funny tales of being stuck on a remote Queensland island and what its like to build a plane, get it certified and then to manage and grow a successful Aviation business.